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SoloHealth to expand health-and-wellness kiosk to 4,000 locations by 2014

SoloHealth on Thursday announced it has plans in place to expand its FDA-approved SoloHealth Station health-and-wellness digital kiosks t...

Bike Share: Local Residents Choose Kiosk Locations

The Chicago Department of Transportation is gearing up for the 2013 debut of its new bike-sharing program, and that includes getting locals to suggest the locations of the bike kiosks in Lincoln ...

Scottish agency group to open kiosks in post offices

Computerised travel agency kiosks across the UK's network of more than 9,000 sub post offices are to be installed by Scottish travel group Minoan. The company will operate the kiosks under the brand name Po...

Great in-store digital experience makes a good retailer

Most top grade retailers today understand the need for consumer engagement via digital medium. They are also spending some amount of money in making their brand digitally available to the consumers. Some r...

WINZ kiosks shut following major security flaw

Blogger Keith Ng able to access thousands of Ministry of Social Development files The Ministry of Social Development shut down internet kiosks around the country and launched a ministry investigation last n...