Touchscreen Kiosks



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  • Provide convenience for the fast moving consumer
  • Expand Customer Engagement
  • Automate Business Processes
  • Save Valuable Time
  • Generate Supplemental Advertising Revenue
  • Create Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Increase Profit

Our past clients include:
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ZIVELO™ interactive kiosks are the perfect solution for
Registration_ICON  Registration & Check-in                                    Reception_ICON    Bill Pay
Checkin_ICON  Customer Queuing & Line-Busting                 Billpay_ICON     Virtual Receptionist
Wayfinding_ICON  Wayfinding, Digital Directories and Maps      Selfservice_ICON     Point of Sale
QuickServe_ICON  Quick-Serve Restuarant (QSR)                         Ticketing_ICON     Ticketing
GenHealthCareImage_Top GenWayfinding_New5 GenRetail5 GenRetailSignage22